Memos - From - Heichou


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In today’s episode of “Glitch Draws After 10pm”, lenoir-whittlethorn has alerted Glitch that Resident Evil 6 Leon looks so much like Mike that it’s almost horrifying, though Glitch prefers RE4 Leon’s outfit and went with that. 

Roses are red, white, pink, yellow, black. They also make for a delicious snack.

*sips tea mulling over the fact the Legion’s too poor for decent rations but somehow can afford to eat roses* 

Hey, I just took a shower about ten minutes ago. I consider myself pretty clean at the moment. So is it alright if I ask for your body to be held against mine?

"First of all, thanks for showering, no one around here seems to think it’s important. Second—"

"Don’t touch me." 

Do you feel guilty about how you treated Historia? I mean, it was kind of a dick move.

"Not really, no. I did what I needed to get Historia to do what she needed. It’s what soldiers do.” 

Would it kill you to smile?

"It almost did, once." 

It was a horrifying experience. 

I didn't know that you liked Erumike. Do you have any headcanons?

Oh boy yes. 

Based partly on danchou-bitches and freedomhound's portrayals/our conversations about these two blonde babies.  

  • Erwin’s not that great at cooking. He can do enough to fend for himself, but Mike’s the one that keeps him from killing the two of them. 
  • Erwin and Mike have a ridiculously caring relationship, due to the fact they’ve been together (as comrades, as friends, as lovers) for most of their lives. 
  • Mike might not be able to ‘smell’ Erwin the way he does other people, but there’s always something off about Erwin when he’s particularly upset that Mike can pick up on. 
  • Neither are particularly clingy people. They can go all day not talking to each other, or even being around each other. When they get back together it’s like no time at all has passed. 
  • Mike’s a stone top and Erwin’s a stone bottom in this relationship, but that doesn’t stop Erwin from being mouthy, cocky shit when the mood strikes him. 
  • Mike is as much a tender lover as he is the kind that will throw Erwin against a wall and fuck him until he forgets his rank. 
  • Mike often finds Erwin pouring over paperwork or plans late into the night when normal people are sleeping. Rather than try to pull him away—because he knows Erwin’s going to listen to him about as well as a mountain would if you told it to move—he sits in Erwin’s office reading until the man’s ready to go to sleep. Or he passes out. In which case Mike covers him up and puts something soft under his head, neatens his desk and lets him be.