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  • Independent modern AU Levi Ackerman blog
  • 1+ years Tumblr RPing experience, 10+ years writing experience 
  • Mun is 20+ years old 
  • Single ship/single verse featuring Eruri 
  • One-liners, single para, multi para, memes, occasional crack 
  • OC friendly, though selective
  • Content tagged accordingly 
  • NSFW (violence, smut, cursing, etc.) 

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               ❝ In my memory I wrote you down in ink. ❞

{{ ✻ }} → Indie Modern Erwin Smith Roleplay Blog
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{{ ✻ }} Singleship/Singleverse
{{ ✻ }} Open to NSFW [ Smut, Gore, Violence ] NSFW will be tagged[Mun is 21]
{{ ✻ }} 2 years RP Experience + 11 Months on tumblr
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Send me a url and muse will talk about them.


"Sort of figured I’d get asked about Mems…."
Grinning a bit he cleared his throat.

" Thing is, I saw him around a little before we became friends. Devoted man, but rather…unorthodox though. Honestly may have been what drew me to him. I don’t remember exactly but hands down if you can get this man to be on your side it’s not something you could ever regret unless you managed to lose him. Without hesitation I can say he is my best friend. Odd thing for an old man to say but true. He has had no reasons to stick by my side but his loyalty has kept him there. I couldn’t ask a thing more from him."
He scratched at the back of his neck for a second realizing how damn sappy that sounded.
"On another note though, not many around here seem to hold up to the levels of….shamelessness I have. As they call it anyway. Mem’s is damn well on par, crude little shit."

"Believe it or not I may or may not have also seen him smile and laugh before."

”..all you Commanders are god damn sappy fucks. Shit.



"—I don’t like dogs," he mutters. "—And there’s nothin’ up my ass." 

…well with that attitude maybe he’d feel better if there was something up his ass… 

"Bluntly then, what’s wrong with you? Walking around grumbling and shit." 


I think if I ever made an Eren rp blog I’d name it minierenyeager.

Armin Arlert rp blog? miniarminarlert

Levi rp blog? normalleviackerman




jealous grumbling. goes off to pout.

"Who put a stick up your ass today, Auruo? You sound like someone kicked your puppy." 

hello heichou, how are you? ^^

"Overworked, under paid, and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten to eat meals for the last two days…"